Sakura Kinomoto Age: 10
Best Friends: Tomoyo (Madison), Kero Other Friends: Rika, Chiharu (Chelsea), Naoko (Nikki)
Loves: Yukito (Julian), family, Tomoyo (Madison), PE, Music, cute things Hates: Ghosts, others being mean to her (brother).
Voice Actress Sakura Tange (adult)

Description: Sakura is a cheerful, cute young girl who is a 4th grader at Tomoeda Elementary. She's also responcible and conserned for her friends and family. She tends to say a little "huh" or really "ho-e" when ever she is surprised and seems to be look at her world in a constant state of wonder. I think she likes all animals, but seems to have a particular love of rabbits and bunnies (episode 18). She isn't a good cook, but I'm not one to complain, as she at least tries to improve her cooking skills.

Also, she is, oh, so very adorable.

Another "hobby" of hers is disciplining her brother by stomping on his foot (usually the left foot) when ever he teases or embarasses her.

Sakura Avalon Age: 10
Voice Actress Carly McKilip (probably be misspelled) Age: 10 (11 now)

Is it just me or does Sakura Avalon seem moody or depressed? In comparison to the oringal Japanese Anime, she is lacking in the energetic side. She is just not as cute or adorable as her Japanese counterpart. But maybe the Mirror card is. Miss Avalon seems to be a little more mature than Miss Kinomoto. She also doesn't seem to be in love with Julian, like Miss Kinomoto is in love with Yukito.